How to create a calculator website – Adsense Autoblogging

Today, In this article you will learn how to create a calculator website and earn money from google Adsense. Make sure existing Adsense account is needed for this method. If you don’t have adsense, First create an website and apply for Adsense.

If you follow up carefully, you can make 1000$ per month without writing or publishing content. Again I’m telling dedication is important for this work.

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Choose Best Hosting and Domain

Every website needs a good performance, So user can gain information without any interruption for that you need an good hosting.

Check this points before choosing hosting

  • Customer Rating
  • Backup
  • Bandwidth
  • Support
  • Features
  • Panel
  • Server Location
  • Pricing


The Domain should be registered in Professional way

  • Short Name
  • Related to topic
  • No special characters
  • Keyword Focused
  • Easy to understand

Script for Calculator

In order to create a calculator website for that we need a Java Script. No problem, you can purchase it from codecanyon.

  • Visit codecanyon
  • Search Calculator WordPress Script
  • Check review and ratings
  • Then Buy the script

WordPress Installation

In Order to activate WordPress Properly, Follow the steps

  • Open your hosting panel like C Panel or H Panel
  • Find Hosting and click Manage option
  • Scroll down and Find Auto Installer
  • Click Auto Installer
  • Click WordPress Option
  • Provide User name and Password
  • Then Click Install
  • Now your WordPress site is ready

WordPress Customization

Step 1: Open WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Click Plugin

Step 3: Select Add New

Step 4: Search Raw HTML

Step 5: Click Install Now

Step 6: Then Activate the Plugin

Step 7: Again click Add New option in plugin section

Step 8: Search Script n Styles

Step 9: Install and Activate It

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These Two plugins are the most important tool for creating calculator Website

Step 10: After Installation, Click Post

Step 11: Click Add New, You will directed to Post Section

Step 12: Click Screen option in Upper part

Step 13: Enable Raw HTML and Script n styles

Keyword Research

  • Open Keyword Planner
  • Find Ranking for your keyword (Ex: Cosine Inverse Calculator)
  • Understand the analytics of Average Monthly search
  • Finally Pick the keyword

Calculator Customization

  • Open Notepad++ Software
  • Copy the script, That you have purchased
  • Paste it on Notepad++ Software
  • Run the script and check whether the calculator is working correctly
  • Open WordPress
  • Click Add new post
  • Write a strong content about Cosine Inverse Calculator (That we researched on Keyword planner)
  • Content must be 2000+ words to beat competitor
  • Copy the External CSS in Notepad++
  • Paste it on script n styles ➜ styles
  • Copy the Java script in Notepad++
  • Paste it on Script n styles ➜ Script
  • Copy the Index HTML in Notepad++
  • Paste it on Text Section

Give title to your post Ex: Cosine Inverse Calculator

  • Finally Publish It

That’s it Guys, You have created a Fab new calculator website.


Follow this method (Auto blogging Content) and create a infinity calculator to earn million.

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